He was simply FANTASTIC!!!! Because of some serious traffic problems he was quite late but couldn't have been nicer, more accommodating and generous with his time and "perks". True gentlemen - SO much fun - my guests got totally engaged with the music and dancing. This was a MEMORABLE, fun, crazy, wonderful evening and memory. LOVE you Elvis (ie: Rick) jaquie Bosch -Jaquie B, 7/18/2010, Private Party, Sonoma, CA 

Rick is truly the best Elvis Impersonator any of us has ever seen! He performed for our parents 50th Anniversary Party, and he worked the entire crowd with his impressive voice and awesome dancing throughout the show. He also held a wedding renewal ceremony for our parents during his performance, and gave them personalized scarves, gold Elvis sunglass, and a certificate! After the show, he posed for every photo request by our guests! Finally, he took our family for the pink Cadillac cruise! He is the best performer ever! -Shinobu T, 7/3/2010, Anniversary Party, Los Gatos, CA 

Rick is the BEST-definitely added that "WOW" factor to 2 events: a surprise 50th bday for a teacher at a school fundraiser (Mar'10) & at my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary (Jul'10). Loved how he renewed their wedding vows in Elvis-Vegas style. Everything on the website0 videos, audio clips, Elvis outfits, cool pink Cadillac, picture-taking w/guests was nothing short but first rate. His staff was awesome. We had a great time, his performances were awesome, and our guests thoroughly enjoyed him. -Sheila S, 7/3/2010, Anniversary Party, San Jose, CA 

Rick was a very professional and a very pleasant man besides the fact he was a great performer! I definitely would hire him again and will let all my friends know how wonderful he was. Thank you so much Rick! Ellen C, 7/17/2010, Shower, Clayton, CA 

Amazing talented Entertainer and what a great performance. Rick brought us all back 20 years to a time when we danced and sang with the most talented king of rock and roll. Rick entertained us for 2 hours singing, mingling. Faces were mesmerized! He not only was the best I have ever seen on stage, and I have seen many, but also how he really worked the crowd to get them involved. Rick Torres brought down the house. To anyone interested in hiring him if you want my opinion Please call if you need to speak with me. We will be using him for to big business events in 2010 and our dept. in charge will be calling for availability soon. Respectfully sent Gary Cockrell Gary C, 12/13/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), Foster City, CA 

Rick Torres was one of our entertainers for Hot San Jose Nights. We got so much more than we hoped for with Rick! Great entertainer, great to work with, fun to have around, and very professional in every way! Rick Torres WAS Elvis! The crowd just loved him! Great costumes,  great hair, great attitude. He really is a superstar and a one man party! He mixed with the crowd and greatly added to our event. If you are fortunate enough to get Rick for your next party, you will not be disappointed! You'll get more than you hoped for, too!

When i contacted gig masters looking for Elvis for my event, they got back to me right away. He had always kept in contact with me and assured me my party was going to be great. Rick Torres (Elvis) is awesome!!! I highly recommend him!!! He had the crowd going! he kept in character the whole time. Higher Rick Torres for your party, you will NOT regret it!!! Chrystal L, 6/26/2010, Anniversary Party, Santa Rosa, CA 

My family can't stop talking about how AWESOME Rick's performance was and my sister tells me it's the best gift she ever got! There was so much excitement when Rick came in and surprised everyone. He has a fantastic voice and crazy Elvis moves - we were very impressed that he stayed in character the entire time. Just when we thought the show was over, we sent out for the pink Cadillac cruise and had even MORE fun! Rick is a great sport, posing for zillions of pictures and giving hugs all around. Thank you, Rick, for an unforgettable performance! Cristina H, 6/12/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), Fremont, CA 

Our event with Elvis(Rick) was wonderful. It was better than I anticipated. He's a great Elvis impersonator and I've seen quite a few in Las Vegas. He's a great performer, good singer. The pink caddy was the best. I would definitely hire him again. Sherry Acre -Sherry A, 6/19/2010, Retirement Party, Redwood City, CA 
Hello Rick, The whole family really enjoyed your presence at our gathering. We could not have asked for a better performer. You did a fabulous job. Your pictures dont do you justice. You were much better looking in person by the way. Thank you again and we will definitely recommend you to anyone we possibly can. Take Care! Brenda P, 2/27/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), Modesto, CA 

We are still getting calls for his information from people who did not get his cards. He had a fun time with Rick who is without a doubt the best Elvis Impersonator any of us has ever seen. The Bay Areas number 1 Elvis impersonator is not broad enough!! He quite a bit more than that I think. A few of the guest go to Hot August Nights in Reno and they said he was much better than Elvis Impersonators they have seen there.
Dania D, 1/9/2010, Awards Night Party, San Francisco, CA 

Rick Torres did an amazing job for our event at Courtside Cottages in Vacaville. He was personable with the residents and treated each one as if he was singing to them alone. I was impressed with his professionalism at all times, and how he accommodated our special requests with ease. Thank you Rick!!! Hope to see you next year!!
-Mary Jo R, 5/15/2010, Nursing Home Event, Vacaville, CA 

Rick Torres did a wonderful performance at our school 8th grade dinner dance. Everybody had a good time and I received numerous wonderful compliments from the students, parents and school staff how great he was. Rick even stayed after and posed for pictures. He was professional and flexible. I would definitely recommend Rick and would hire him again in the future. Thanks Rick! Cristela B, 6/3/2010, Graduation Party, San Jose, CA 

Rick was spectacular!!! His Pink Caddy was really cool too!!! The wedding renewal was so special and everyone really loved the whole service. We wanted him to stay, but his public still needed him elsewhere, so he had to leave the building! He will be back as we are looking to have him again for my mom’s birthday.
-Michelle W, 2/20/2010, Commitment Ceremony, San Jose, CA 

This was the most fun at any party ever!!! The King was amazing and the pink cadillac was super!!! I'm so happy that Elvis is alive and well and lives in the Bay Area (and I have his phone number)!!! -Marie P, 5/14/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), Hollister, CA 

Rick, I mean Elvis, you were wonderful! Thank you so much. I will definitely keep you on the top of the list for future parties. You were a huge hit!! Thank you!! Jeannie W, 3/13/2010, Casino Event, Emerald Hills, CA 

I engaged Mr. Torres for my husband's birthday. He was very entertaining and my guests and I had a wonderful time.
Ellen K, 4/24/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), San Jose, CA 

Bay areas incredible number 1 Elvis Rick and his over the top cool pink caddy were a hit! He was the buzz all over town when he went after day 1 to a local seafood restaurant to have a valentine’s dinner after 23 wedding renewals performed on Sat the 13th. His suits as well as himself were just so impressive! We are going to have him come up to do a Ultimate Elvis Tribute show in the summer. His voice is just beautiful; you just have to see him in person to really truly appreciate how good he is. Leighann L, 2/13/2010, Valentine's Day Party, Healdsburg, CA 

Make no mistake, this is Elvis! Hi Pink Caddy was A great addition to our parade! Joe N, 4/24/2010, Celebration,
Petaluma, CA 

Oh My, yes it would be my honor to do this! Rick Torres performed to a capacity crowd of 400 attendees of our fundraiser event. The cheering during his performance was so loud it was almost deafening! Following his performance he posed for pictures in front of his Pink Cadillac which everyone just loved!! We are going to be working with Rick for two more performances this year which we hope will be just the beginning of many future events! He was beyond our expectations and all the ladies thought he was so good looking and looked like Elvis in many ways. Sheila S, 3/6/2010, Celebration, Milpitas, CA 

On time and spot on Elvis! My wife loved the surprise we gave her and the incredible performance. Also, the very cool sound system to the beautiful pink Cadillac he showed up in just set for the perfect appearance. My wife just came from Vegas and saw a few Elvis impersonators there, she said he was better.
-Gabriel J, 4/2/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), Orinda, CA 

He would hire Bay area Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres again in a heartbeat! He is just so incredible to watch in person. His videos are good but in person that’s a real treat. He is the best! Hire him! The Pink Caddy is real cool!! We saw Rick on CBS last Friday with his new caddy! Jenuahi H, 2/12/2010, Celebration, San Jose, CA 

OMG Rick! I just wanted to email you and thank you for your wonderful performance. Professor Hammond was barely able to finish class, he was so blown away and pleased ! He just kept grinning and laughing. Everybody in class kept saying how great your performance was and how well you sang and danced. I am pretty sure everyone on campus will be talking about this for weeks! Really appreciate how accommodating you were for us. Got to say that is a cool pink caddy!!!!Thank you so much!  -Hannahg P, 3/9/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), San Jose, CA 

Rick Torres astonished our company and the Hotel staff who catered our event. We had the Ultimate Elvis Tribute show which was a very impressive:"WE DELIVER LAS VEGAS!"type show. I had to ask how long it takes to rehearse with the lighting Technician, and found out all the lighting was set- up in advance with computerized automation. OMG! High-tech! In passing one of the staff members commented to me that there was another Elvis Impersonator there on December 11 and did not even come close to the Look or performance he saw at our show. We could not be more pleased with the service we received and will use Rick Torres and King Creole Entertainment for future Events.
Ruth C, 12/12/2009, Christmas Party, Fremont, CA 

There is so many testimonials on his site now but I’m sure there is room for more. He was worth every penny, so worth it we felt the need to give him a little more when he left. His entire presentation from himself to the beautiful pink Cadillac he showed up in was all Elvis!!! It was a amazing experience having him at our get together.
-Christina S, 2/27/2010, Wedding Ceremony, Santa Cruz, CA 

Ok day 2! People hearing he was here and how fantastic he was came to receive the renewal of wedding vows! We ran out of certificates! Lucky for us Rick had a few more. 52 wedding renewals performed over a two day event and his energy level never slowed a beat! Every ceremony was beautiful, fun, and humorous all at once. Every song performed with the same energy and passion. You should hire Rick to perform your wedding renewal ceremony or actual ceremony! Yes he can do that too! See you in a few months Rick!  Leighann L, 2/14/2010, Valentine's Day Party, Healdsburg, CA 

I was really interested in hiring the best Elvis for this birthday, and among all the Elvis impersonators on this site Bay area’s Elvis impersonator Rick Torres was without a doubt the most impressive. He is obviously the most booked and for a good reason. I have to say now after watching him perform that he was the best choice, and was as impressive in person as I hoped. He has all the attitude to pull it off, and a fantastic voice
-Randy G, 1/12/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), Stockton, CA 

I was so nervous how this would play out. I wanted it to be so special, and Rick did a incredible job of seeping it very top secret. He is just nothing short of the best I have ever seen. He has it on any of the Elvis I look at on this site. We will be watching him on CBS on Feb. 12th at 7pm to watch him do his stuff again!!
-Sharon R, 1/30/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), San Francisco, CA 

I wanted Rick come to a birthday party for myself and two friends. He has strict instructions that he did not know anybody but was in complete costume, and just happen to be in this bar. No singing other than a few notes without music. He said he was staying in the hotel and just came from a show. It was a private party so he asked if it was ok if he could stay or is there another place to have a drink close by, and was gesturing like he was leaving. That was the clincher. Everyone welcomed him bought him a few drinks and he left buzzed! His assist drove him home. Rick you’re the coolest!
-Justin M, 2/5/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), San Francisco, CA 

Rick was really great and was the best Elvis we could have hoped for! It was a well planned surprise. The birthday party was very special mostly due to the great performance he gave to us. He has a very good Elvis voice, singing and talking. The best I have heard. We took many cards from him to use his services again in the future.
-Victoria V, 1/20/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), San Francisco, CA 

Rick was very professional, and performed D.J Karaoke and Elvis appearance. He is very good at doing all and made it very fun. He was on time and delivered on all commitments. He made the evening flow and I really appreciated him taking command of all evening festivities -Sri B, 1/16/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), Fremont, CA 

Hey there Elvis! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For making this little birthday get together so fabulous! It’s been over a week, and people are still telling me that you did such an excellent job. Thank you for really coming in and doing an excellent job channeling Elvis!!Not only was your presentation great, but the delivery was amazing. You really worked rowdy group too!.The extra add on for your package aka the gold sunglasses and autographed birthday scarf went over well too. They will remain keepsakes and conversation pieces for years to come. I look forward to another Elvis related event where we can have the excuse to invite you back. Warmest Regards, Laura L, 1/8/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), San Francisco, CA 

Rick!!!! You were Freaking Awesome!! God I could watch and listen to you sing all day! But all good things must leave the building! LOL! Thanks again for an memorable evening. We all just think you are the greatest! See you at Sheila’s party in July! I heard she just booked you via email invite! I’m there! -Connie B, 1/15/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), San Jose, CA 

I heard about Bay Area Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres when I was on my way to work, and I was listening to 98.5 KFOX Greg Kihn morning show. He was on there being interviewed for Elvis Birthday, and he was doing a benefit concert for Stanford. He just sounded like a fun guy, and he could really sing well! I could tell by the D.Js that he was real good as well. Had to have him at our party, and he was a blast! It was a party that all will remember. I can’t express enough to whomever is looking for an Elvis impersonator to hire him. -Angela Q, 12/19/2009, Country Club Event, Oakland, CA 

I was hearing about this sound system that was going to be used, and I thought well if you show up 15 minutes before you perform how does that work? I could now believe the sound that was achieved from this portable system. Elvis assistant comes in and hits the button and POW!! It was like a concert in there!! From the blind Elvis was singing, and all the while people are thinking, cool its an Elvis song! Then he appeared in the doorway and it was magical! This Elvis Quickie service is the best! Rick was fantastic! -Martha W, 1/14/2010, Retirement Party, San Francisco, CA 

Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres was so good he made some of the girls cry! I swear it was just an amazing experience, and we just had the best time with Rick! Bay areas supreme king!! I think we are going to hire him for our Christmas party along with the D.J. services they have too. I passed all the information to my company.
-Merissa C, 1/8/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), San Jose, CA 

Rick was so Wonderful in spite of our small venue. We'd like to hire him again in June for another larger event we are having. I would not hesitate to recommend Rick to anyone looking for entertainment for an event! Phyllis Weber, VP Sales and Marketing for CSR Real Estate in San Jose, CA. -Phyllis W, 1/22/2010, Corporate Function, San Jose, CA 

Many thanks from eBay inc. to King Creole Entertainment and Rick Torres for the fantastic Elvis Quickie present to one of our employees. It is a very well designed service with lots to offer. I was very impressed with the portable self contained sound system they used and the advanced technology that went into it. Incredible sound! He designed it, and I told him he should market it! The performance was so much fun, and the songs he picked for me were very suitable for the occasion. We will definitely use the services again.-Robert S, 12/23/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), San Jose, CA 

Ok first things first!!! Got to say Rick Torres has a very nice looking hum hum in those 68 leather jeans!!! LOL! Fantastic performance and he is such a great guy just like the King. Everyone wants to see him again at some future party next year. I will be contacting him in the near future to discuss that. He is such a dynamic entertainer! Everyone who is looking for an Elvis Impersonator needs to stop right here. -Teresa V, 12/4/2009, Christmas Party, Santa Clara, CA 

Happy New Year Rick! I know your somewhere making people smile! Thank you again for yet another of much successful performance you have given us through the years. We will always call on you for the best Elvis shows ever! See you in the summer and also next Christmas! -Sheryll M, 12/18/2009, Christmas Party, San Jose, CA 

We loved the performance! All I heard is excellent reviews about how he looked, sang, performed, and even talked like Elvis! We were honored he could attend our new years event, and we will continue to express to others to use him in the future. Sincerely yours, Marlon June Massersk 12/31/2009, New Year's Eve Party, Vacaville, CA 

Just got home from visiting the folks and I want to take a minute to express my appreciation to Rick Torres for taking the time to make a last minute appearance at our home. He was without question the best! I hired him, and I was still surprised by the appearance! Chris L, 12/22/2009, Christmas Party, San Jose, CA 

Maggianos Little Italy in Santana Row was spellbound by the energized and realistic performance of Bay Area’s Number one Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres! He is very Talented with a great voice, personality, and has a new fan right here! His hype and all I have read about him is well deserved. See you at Hot August Night Rick!
-Stacy G, 12/5/2009, Christmas Party, Campbell, CA 

Dear Rick, WOW!!! You are an unbelievably amazing entertainer!! I have recommended you to all my friends and family members. So you should be hearing from so many future fans anytime soon, Thank you again for making my dear friends 50th birthday such a special occasion. Your devoted fan, Nita Abello E2 ICU Nurse Organizer Stanford Hospital and Clinics Juanita A, 12/3/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), San Jose, CA 

It was a Last minute decision to book Rick Torres when one of my family called me and alerted me to this site. He was very impressive on your website, and the decision was very easy and unanimous to hire him. It was a fantastic appearance, and something my mother who turned 80 will carry with her all her days. She was very impressed with his singing and appearance as were the entire guest who attended the party. We would strongly recommend his services! Thanks Elvis!
-David C, 11/22/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), Fremont, CA 

The decision was made at short notice, but we were so pleased that Rick Torres was able to free up the time to perform at our Vegas Homecoming. From all the options seen we were really hoping he was available. Many of the Kids took pictures with him and were very impressed with the performance. His appearance was a fabulous addition!
-Loraine W, 11/20/2009, Celebration, San Jose, CA 

Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres successfully performed our Moms birthday and gave her a ride in his pink Cadillac. She had a great time during his visit and the performance and look was very convincing. Corey B, 3/6/2010, Birthday Party (Adults), Fairfield, CA 

Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres successfully performed our wedding ceremony as well as a few songs for the crowd of 120 guest. Upon booking He asked me questions about how me met and our lives together and created a beautiful ceremony based on what I told him. We did a casino reception with the King on top. He was without a doubt the excellent choice for us and I cannot see anyone I looked at prior to booking him that impressed me like he did.
-Monica S, 11/11/2009, Wedding Reception, Livermore, CA 

Man was that a blast!! It was a great hanging out with the King! Since he didn’t have any pressing engagements following our appearance we had Rick stay another hour and sing some more songs. He made an impression on everyone at the party. He really knows how to belt out the tunes, and he really changed the atmosphere as soon as he arrived. We want to have him renew our wedding vows next year, and since he is ordained one of my sister in laws is considering him to officiate her wedding Vegas Style! Rick is Numero Uno! -Mark O, 10/27/2009, Halloween Party, Lathrop, CA 

We had the King Creole Rick Torres show up in the black leather 1968 comeback suit and perform songs Elvis performed at that 68 show. Heartbreak hotel, Hound Dog, all Shook, can’t help falling in love, and Love me tender, My mother who is a E fan to put it lightly said it was like watching the 68 comeback concert in 3D! Very fun, and also entertaining.
-Joanne M, 10/24/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), Stockton, CA 

I had a few minutes to send this before work, and I didn’t want to wait to long to submit this so here it goes! All The Testimonials about this entertainer are 100 percent! We had a spotlight performance at our wedding and decided on 1956 Rock Billy gold lame which under that spotlight was very cool and sparkly! Rick Torres was dynamic! Many guests were just beside themselves during and after the performance. Everyone loved it! It was a fantastic addition to kick off the evening to come. Hire the best! Hire Rick Torres!  -Karen E, 10/24/2009, Wedding Reception, Piedmont, CA 

Rick is the Number 1 Elvis! We would have had him perform all night if we could. Everyone loved his energetic performance. Our Halloween party was transformed by his performance, and it went high gear from that point. Very handsome guy, and all the girls agreed he was very Elvis. He has those eyes going on. We could have not done better by our decision to use him. Mike And Suzy D, 10/23/2009, Halloween Party, Manteca, CA 

I had no idea how to surprise someone in a crowded restaurant but King Creole did. Everyone at the party talked the entire time how terrific the appearance aka The Elvis Quickie was. Not to mention over and over again how impressive Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres was and is. We had quite a few people at the restaurant ask for contact information after they left. At least 10 so he should be getting some call -Phil C, 10/23/2009, Retirement Party, San Leandro, CA 

He was on the dot - arrived at the venue on time. He did make follow up calls - calling me several times to see to it that everything is ok as scheduled. Very professional, and accommodating to our guest. He did an excellent performance to the satisfaction of the celebrant and all my guests. Roberto B, 10/17/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), South San Francisco, CA 

5 Stars and All Thumbs Up!! Great Appearance! -Pat S, 10/17/2009, Celebration, Santa Clara, CA 

Rick was so much fun. He made our event more successful and even acted as one of the judges for the contest. Thank you again for a great performance. -Lindsey V, 10/14/2009, Club Event, Moraga, CA 

Sorry E about all the confusion, we appreciate your going with the flow with all our last minute request. The appearance was so much fun and entertaining for all the guest. Fantastic voice! And everyone just though you really looked the part! It is my pleasure to send this feedback reply. Robert B, 10/10/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), San Jose, CA 

GREAT! SHOW! When Elvis performed at our party, the Hawaiian dance group we hired said, O my God that is Rick Torres! We have seen him perform before! You got the Best Elvis around!! Can we perform with him during a song? My husband was thrilled when you said yes and performed Rock a hula and Blue Hawaii with the Background Hawaiian dancers, as much as they were. This was unexpected as the Hawaiian dancers were a bit early and overlapped Rick’s appearance. A Day to Remember! -Helen L, 10/10/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), Milpitas, CA 

We could not be more please. This was a second performance we used Elvis impersonator Rick Torres of King Creole Entertainment. Both previous shows have been day time performances. We are now looking to do an evening performance to book his ultimate Elvis Tribute performance with a spotlight and the choreographed light show he has available. Looks cool on his site. Can’t wait to see in person -Renee C, 10/10/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), Pacifica, CA 

It was very cold outside show! Windy and cold! Rick performed on the outside deck like it was the perfect summer evening. Not fazed by the fact that most of the group was blue lipped! LOL! He is a perfect example of the phrase, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! People started interacting with him and dancing around, and then we started feeling the summer too! Superb Performance! -Uschi J, 10/3/2009, Private Party, Menlo Park, CA 

The 50 year Reunion of Mountain View High School Class of 1959 wishes to express the most sincere thanks for the fantastic performance by Elvis aka Rick Torres. It was a great step into the past from an Entertainer we grew up with, and Rick was the highlight of the evening!! Fidel L, 10/3/2009, Reunion, Mountain View, CA 

Last minute booking although I have use Rick Torres for other events. I sincerely appreciate him putting something special together at short notice and making the skate party even more special. Thank you again, we will be in touch for something in December -Dennis S, 9/27/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), San Jose, CA 

Without a doubt from the 150 plus people at Saturdays big 50 party for my sister, the highlight of the evening was the performance provided by Rick Torres of King Creole Entertainment!! With everyone surrounding him, he had about a 5x5 area for his performance and exploded like a white fringed firecracker with spins, kicks, dips and a sexy smile. My sister along with all the other gals was in love. His voice is really something to hear in person. I would suggest picking Unchained Melody. It was my fave, and made me cry. Leslie P, 9/19/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), Redwood City, CA 

Rick was totally awesome - everyone loved him! Even the younger crowd who are into hip-hop & par music loved Rick. My guest of honor (my sister the birthday girl who turned 50) was totally thrilled with Rick and his music. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone for their event. And I would certainly hire him again for my next event! Thank you and Rick for making my party a total success! Terrie M, 9/19/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), San Jose,

We loved the appearance! The Elvis quickie was fun! LOL! That’s a great name for a singing telegram. Tomomi I, 9/19/2009, Wedding Reception, Tiburon, CA 

A good friend hires Rick to perform for her mother’s birthday. I wanted to see him perform and she told me the performance he did for my mom or 1 song of it is actually on MySpace just go to Google an put in MySpace Elvis at a Birthday Party in Modesto California and look for MySpace videos Ricks Videos. I was sold, and he was even better in person. We had a last minute time chance and Rick was very cool about it. Cool all around!! Hire this one ladies. Angeli T, 9/18/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), Modesto, CA 

I would literally look for reasons to throw parties just to treat my friends again to another amazing performance by Bay area’s best Elvis Rick Torres! I would have him perform in a different suit and perform different songs so it would be a new performance every time. We are now planning a benefit concert on my property where we will have him do his Ultimate Elvis Tribute service. Should be a sight to see, and I can wait. See you in a few months King! Sheryll M, 9/5/2009, Celebration, San Jose, CA 

Got this feedback and had to add on to this impressive list already existing. My cousin has been to Graceland a few times during Elvis week and he said Rick was one of the best he has seen. Rick modestly replied, well thank you, I do the best I can. His best was more than good enough!! He belted out 4 of my mother’s favorite songs and really made her day. Thank you Rick, I hope we will see you again when your performing in the city.
-Sophia R, 9/5/2009, Bachelorette Party, San Francisco, CA 

WOW! And WOW some more! I have used Rick Torres for my wedding, a karaoke party, and my 10 year reunion for D.J. services. I have always been interested in having him do an Elvis appearance someday. I could not believe how talented he is. He also gets totally in character, even when speaking to me. He really is number one for all the reasons I have read in his very impressive list of Testimonials..Thanks again King! We will see you again soon! Allison O, 8/30/2009, Private Party, San Jose, CA 

Professional, on time, and worth it. Thank you for an amazing Job -Barbara H, 8/29/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), Oakland, CA 

My Mother was memorized!!! For all you who read this, there is no way there is any Elvis impersonator around who can beat this service or magnitude that Rick puts into his performance! Fantastic moves with high kicks, beautiful voice oh my god dont get me started on that, and just a very modest and sincere person. It was the best, and I know my mother will cherish the memories forever. Mary R, 8/28/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), San Jose, CA 

The Reviews were very favorable. We will be using the services of Bay area’s number 1 Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres at future events guaranteed. We will also be passing on his information to all our affiliates to consider for their events. Thanks for a great afternoon! -Amy F, 8/21/2009, Corporate Function, Mountain View, CA 

Everyone Loved the Performance and he was a hit with all the residence who attended. His suit and look was very authentic. You could tell it was very professional Thanks again for a great job. Rick A, 8/15/2009, Celebration, Tracy, CA 

On Behalf of the staff and the residence at The Villa Serena, we would like to express the sincere thanks to Elvis impersonator Rick Torres. He was so charming, humble, very talented, and also very sexy and flirtatiously fun! Doing what he does seem to come very naturally and convincing as well. Everyone was asking when he might come back again.
-Lilly G, 8/7/2009, Festival, Salinas, CA 

There was lots of Strangers. Her friends, my friends, her family, my family, college buddies on both sides etc. People sat with the people they knew. There wasn’t any interaction between groups. It was sort of like different parties going on under the same roof. You came, that all ended. Everybody got up together, and got excited and talked to strangers. Nobody sat for the rest of the night. After you left people stayed on the dance floor. While the DJ stopped playing music,5 hours. You were great with Mattie, and all the folks who took pictures with you. You went beyond the call of duty!
-Kevin O, 8/1/2009, Wedding Reception, Fremont, CA 

Throughout the day and evening a large amount of the 500 plus people who attended our Hot August Nights in Sunnyvale celebration said that Rick Torres was the most realistic Elvis they ever saw. He is an incredible entertainer! The Mayor attended the performance as well and personally walked over to him to discuss with him doing a performance at a upcoming event he is hosting. Two unbelievable performances today!!
-Vince P, 8/1/2009, Celebration, Sunnyvale, CA 

Hello DJ Rick! I just want to Thank you and King Creole Entertainment for making my husband’s 60th birthday party the best!!! Elvis Tribute ever!!Exceeded our expectations and beyond. Everybody at the party , said it was fantastic and loved it. The next day they were still talking about it. We cannot wait for the next celebration or party to have them back. We would recommend DJ Rick and King Creole Entertainment for any celebration or party, we love him, HE IS THE BEST EVER. Love Frank and Renee Crisci
-Renee C, 7/21/2009, Celebration, Half Moon Bay, CA 

It certainly is my pleasure to leave a feedback. We all love the performance and Rick was all I expected. He wore the aqua blue vine suit to the performance which was just made in time for our appearance. During the 4 song performance, my wife got a beautiful scarf and Gold Elvis Glasses as keepsakes. The Elvis quickie services are fantastic and we are considering it for another show in San Jose. Chris H, 7/19/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), Pleasanton, CA 

Hi Rick You were amazing! The Ultimate Elvis Tribute was a great addition to our relay for life. You had hundreds of women falling in love with you! I had one of the ladies, who was too nervous to come up for a scarf, tell me later that when I dragged her across the track to your arms it was one of the highlights of her life. She is 80 years old. We will definitely use you in future events and refer anyone looking for Elvis to you. Thanks for your support of our cause and your fabulous show. Mary Ellen Forrest Co Chair, Relay For Life Pacifica
-Mary Ellen F, 7/18/2009, Fundraiser, Pacifica, CA 

On Time, and on his game! Everyone was impressed with the performance!!! The best of any Elvis Impersonator I researched prior to booking him.
-Sandra F, 7/17/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), Napa, CA 

It was a very special anniversary Day! Funny ceremony created and performed by Rick Torres was filled with facts about the two guest of honor making it even more special!! -Diane L, 7/11/2009, Anniversary Party, Walnut Creek, CA 

A fantastic Entertainer! This is our third time using Ricks services, and we will be hiring him for future events! Mary H, 7/4/2009, July 4th Party, Black Hawk, CA 

I, my family and all the girls at the bridal shower were shocked and very excited to have Elvis come to the party. What a surprise for the bride to be. Everyone enjoyed his performance and was having a lot of fun. He was so kind to everyone letting them take picture after picture which is all a scream. Thanks again Rick, you were a total hit.
-Joyce C, 7/3/2009, Shower, Los Gatos, CA 

Hello Rick and GigMasters! Your Service is right on! We had an awesome time! But we all agreed, that the pictures you have on the website don’t do Rick justice, in person was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay hotter ah, better!!! LOL Thank you for making this such a memorable experience. The singing, the suit, everything was exactly what we wanted. We will definitely use your services again whenever we feel the need for Elvis! The Girls at RFI
-Sara O, 6/30/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), San Jose, CA 

Absolutely wonderful!! We have had performers come in the past and he was the best by far. He was easy to work with and was willing to do almost anything we asked. Our party was a birthday party for 6 year old twins and he was wonderful with everyone from them up to their grandparents. Even some of the other kids who didn't know who Elvis was truly enjoyed the show. His costume was impeccable and his appearance completely had you believing it was Elvis. He had a wonderful personality and put everyone at ease. Even our photo shy uncle wanted his picture with him! I would hire him again in a minute.
-Michelle T, 6/27/2009, Birthday Party (Children), Rohnert Park, CA 

We all had a ridiculously good time!! Talked about it all night! And this morning too, when my sister woke me up to relive it all over again! She even pulled out all her old Elvis records! She’s ridiculous! Its all your fault! All she’s been talking about is how you sang to her, kissed her, flirted with her, etc. Oh man, it was a very good time and the people in the restaurant were all commenting about you and what a great show you put on! Even the band said something to us when we walked over there to dance afterwards! The performance was much more than I expected. Thank you forever!
-Margarite A, 6/27/2009, Birthday Party (Adults), Pacifica, CA 

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